Stepping Stones

In this class they begin building their character, self esteem, purpose of life also they learn to socialize. Toddlers are always curious and our mission is to keep their curiosity live which is essential tool of their life The Montessori toddler classroom will be made up mostly of Practical Life materials, with many “pre-Montessori” materials that are typically used with this age group even in non-Montessori settings (puzzles, stringing beads, etc.) Cultural lessons are generally included in the language part of the classroom; this would include learning about weather, the calendar, and basic names of objects in the classroom and in nature. Activities are set to make them independent and confident.

Control of Movement

a. Pouring, Scooping, & Spooning work
b. Transferring work (both for whole hand and fingers)
c. Sorting (colors, shapes, sizes)
d. Stringing Beads & Lacing Cards

Care of Person

a. Dressing Frames
b. Folding (napkin, washcloth)
c. Scrubbing and Washing

Care of Environment

a. Sweeping and Mopping
b. Polishing
c. Dusting


a. Pink Tower
b. Small Cylinder Block Set
c. Color Tablets Box 1


a. Wooden Puzzles of all kinds
b. Matching Work (picture/picture, object/picture, etc)
c. Picture Sequencing
d. Sandpaper Letters
e. Classification Materials


a. Sandpaper Numbers
b. Stacking