Ms. Sharbani


Sharbani Mukherjee has been teaching for 15 years, and has spent the past 5 as Director of Peace N Joy Academy. After obtaining her Bachelor’s in Science and her Master’s in Public Administration, she received her initial Montessori Certification in India. Ms. Sharbani has subsequently received her American Montessori Society Certification and is NCME trained. She adores working with children and considers teaching a lifelong calling.

Ms. Saima

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Saima is an infant/toddler Montessori Certified teacher. She has over 10 years of teaching experience. Ms. Saima has a master’s degree in education and is multilingual. Within three years of becoming a Montessori teacher, she realized that the Montessori teaching system is the best was to effectively, peacefully and efficiently teach young minds. “My passion is to teach the younger generation of kids to become active member of the community and it fills my heart with joy to see them grow and succeed in many dimensions of life. I am hoping that my journey with you will bring new things from over the horizon for me and my young friends.”

Ms. Allison

Yoga Instructor

Ms. Allison has been practicing yoga since 1998 and actively teaching children's yoga classes since 2011. She loves the joy, curiosity and energy young children bring to the practice. In our society, planting the seeds of yoga at an early age is more important than ever. She believes yoga gives even the youngest children the tools to cope with the many challenges and stresses of daily life. Peace N Joy Montessori is the ideal place to teach yoga to children, since peace and joy are two of the main goals of yoga! She has trained with Little Flower Yoga and Yoga in My School. She is also a member of Kids Yoga Academy which includes many opportunities for continuous training which she actively pursues. Allison is the mother of two beautiful daughters who are her most important teachers.